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Mythos 2.4: The Way to Illumination

By Joseph Campbell | Narrated by Susan Sarandon

This title is part of the Mythos series

Joseph Campbell’s exhilarating story-telling and masterful teachings continue in this second volume on the One Great Story of our human adventure. Journey with this remarkable man as he takes you through The Shaping of The Eastern Tradition

Perhaps the most sophisticated form of yoga, Kundalini Yoga, concentrates on the seven chakras or symbolic centers of our psychic energy. Campbell explains the full chakra system of Kundalini Yoga and makes comparison with modern Western psychology and Christian concepts. Explore how this system teaches rituals and mediation practices so unit the spiritual power in the human being with the spiritual force of the universe.

A review from All Movie Guide: As part nine of the Joseph Campbell’s Mythos series, this video investigates Kundalini Yoga. This spiritual practice focuses on the chakra, or energy centers in the human body. It is believed that if the energy of the chakras is balanced and alingned, a practitioner can transcend suffering. Campbell also compares this form of yoga to Western Psychology and Christianity, and how in essence, all of these philosophies and religions are acting as the same thing, a guide or a map through the human life-cycle. — Ed Atkinson



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