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Sake and Satori

By Joseph Campbell

This title is part of the The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell series

This title is part of the Asian Journals series

Now available in Asian Journals: India & Japan

In 1954, famed mythologist Joseph Campbell traveled, at age 50, to Asia for the first time. In this second volume of his Asian journals, he continues East after nearly seven months in India, moving through Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and finally coming to rest, for a full five months, in Japan. Fueled by his remarkable eye for cultural differences and similarities, yet written through the unjaded perspective of a remarkably erudite teacher on his first trip to the Asia he has studied for most of his life, Sake and Satori is a unique snapshot of 1950s Asia and its rapidly changing post-colonial and Cold War tensions.

Quotations from this Title
It is the function of art to carry us beyond speech to experience. [share]



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