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Mythos - 1.1: Psyche & Symbol

By Joseph Campbell | Narrated by Susan Sarandon | Directed by Diane Dowling

This title is part of the Mythos series

The remarkably successful “The Power of Myth” introduced Joseph Campbell and his extraordinary ideas to millions. Now his vision of the One Great Story of our human adventure has been collected in the first volume, MYTHOS, The Shaping of Our Western Tradition. Psyche and Symbol starts the adventure from within ourselves — in our psyche and souls. Campbell explains, in psychological terms, the universal themes that operate in all people and cultures which link us together. He explains further how myths emerge from the unconscious and how, in every culture, these myths have evolved to guide the individual through the cycle of life.

As part one of the Joseph Campbell’s Mythos series, this video lays the foundation of Campbell’s argument that there are many connections between the world’s religions and mythologies. Through examinations of Carl Jung’s work, artifacts and recorded myths, the viewer is shown several of the archetypal symbols in world religion and what in psychological terms they mean. Campbell then reveals a basic structure to belief, one that is shared by all religions. This stucture is what he likes to call, the inward path. Oscar Award winning actress Susan Sarandon hosts. — Ed Atkinson (A review from All Movie Guide)



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