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The Masks of God, Volume 2: Oriental Mythology

By Joseph Campbell

This title is part of the The Masks of God series

This title is part of the The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell series

The Masks of God™

Volume 4: Creative Mythology


“The myth of eternal return, which is still basic to Oriental life, displays an order of fixed forms that appear and disappear through all time.” – Joseph Campbell

Explore the power of myth as it flowered in Asia

In this second volume of The Masks of God – Joseph Campbell’s major work of comparative mythology – the preeminent mythologist looks at Asian mythology as it developed over the course of five thousand years into the distinctive religions of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, and Japan.

The Masks of God is a four-volume study of world religion and myth that stands as one of Joseph Campbell’s masterworks. On completing it, he wrote: “Its main result for me has been the confirmation of a thought I have long and faithfully entertained: of the unity of the race of man, not only in its biology, but also in its spiritual history, which has everywhere unfolded in the manner of a single symphony, with its themes announced, developed, amplified and turned about, distorted, reasserted, and today, in a grand fortissimo of all sections sounding together, irrestibly advancing to some kind of mighty climax, out of which the next great movement will emerge.”

Quotations from this Title
For although life, as Nietzsche declares, "wants to be deceived and lives on deception," there is need also, at certain times, for a moment of truth. [share]



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