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The Historical Atlas of World Mythology

Digital Edition

The last and most ambitious work of his career, Joseph Campbell’s Historical Atlas of World Mythology was never completed during Campbell’s lifetime. Joseph Campbell Foundation has always planned to make all of the existing work available — and possibly to release additional volumes.

It has struck us that, densely cross-referenced and full of opportunities for multimedia enrichment as the Historical Atlas of World Mythology is, technology has finally caught up with Campbell and provided us with the ideal medium for his magnum opus. We are pleased then to announce this initiative: Joseph Campbell’s Historical Atlas of World Mythology — Digital Edition.

We plan to release this massive work as a series of eSingles. While our first choice would be to release the complete project, some parts will require more work than others: some dates and historical accounts will need to be updated, and certain portions of the Atlas will benefit from multimedia enhancement. Small as our organization is, we will release sections as they are ready. If you would like to help us complete this project and you have a background in anthropology, in ebook multimedia and scripting, or in php/MySQL please contact us at

The sections in this table that are highlighted in purple have been released. The sections currently under development, which we plan to release soon, are marked in red, with no underlines.

Table of Contents for Joseph Campbell’s
Historical Atlas of World Mythology — Digital Edition

Volume I: The Way of the Animal Powers


The Mythological Dimension

Creation Tales

I.B – The Living Ground

I.C – The Peopling of the Earth

I.D – Early Hunters of the Open Plains

Early Hunters of the Open Plain

The Recognition of Death

The Master Bear

The Sentiment of Wonder

The Temple Caves

Symbols of the Female Power

The Shamans of the Caves

Advent of the Bow and Arrow

Culture Tides in a Verdant Sahara

South African Painted Rock Shrines

The Bushman Trance Dance and Its Mythic Ground

I.E – Living Peoples of the Equatorial Forest

The Forest Song of the Pygmies

Ancestral Caves of the Tasaday

The Andaman Islanders

I.F – Art as a Revelation

I.G – Mythologies of the Great Hunt: Australia, Siberia, and the Americas

I.H – Twilight of the Great Hunt: North America


Volume II: The Way of the Seeded Earth

II.A – Prologue

II.B – The Sacrifice: The Prime Symbol

II.C – Agricultural Origins in the Americas

II.D – The American Northeast Woodland

II.E – The American Southeast

II.F – The Mesoamerican Matrix

II.G – The South American Rain Forest

II.H – The Pacific Coast of South America

APPENDIX: Myth-Motif Index of The Historical Atlas of World Mythology

APPENDIX: Credits and Acknowledgements