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Tikkun: collected essays on poetry, myth, and literature

Author: Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D.

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Tikkun refers to the Kabbalistic mythology associated with the Sephiroth, vessels created to contain the energies emanating from the divine (En-Sof). It is also the name of a new book by Evans Lansing Smith which brings together essays and reflections on the complex interrelationships between literature, film, art, mythology, and life gathered over the course of a forty-year career as a teacher and writer. Smith is Chair and Core Faculty of the Mythological Studies Program at the Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Santa Barbara, CA. In the 1970s, he traveled with Joseph Campbell on mythological study tours of Northern France, Egypt, and Kenya. He has taught at colleges in Switzerland, Maryland, Texas, and California. The current volume is representative of lifelong scholarship in the field of mythological and archetypal studies.