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The Romance Of The Grail – In the Footsteps of Joseph Campbell

Date of Departure: September 01, 2019

Article By: Nina Borghi

Save the Date for the second event in a series of Mythological Studies Tours, an unforgettable trip that will take you to marvelous sites in Northern France, following the footsteps of none other than Joseph Campbell, in pursuit of the mysteries of the Holy Grail Romances of the Middle Ages.
Date: September 1st, 2019 – September 8th, 2019
This journey is organized by Dr. Evans Lansing Smith, who traveled along the same route with Campbell himself in 1976, and later worked as an editor in the latest editions of Campbell’s books. He’ll be your guide and teacher through the trip, offering a series of presentations on the Arthurian Romances and Grail Quest. Upon interviewing Dr. Smith, it was clear to see his passion and enthusiasm for myth, community and travel synthesize perfectly for this event:
“Regardless of the traveler’s previous knowledge, this will be a deeply engaging and direct experience with the power of these myths.” – Dr. Evans Lansing Smith
The travelers will begin their journey at the commune of Paimpont, where they’ll explore the legendary forest of Brocéliande, birthplace of Vivian, the Lady of the Lake, and final resting place of Merlin. Using the forest as their base-camp, they will then follow to a variety of mythic infused day trips, such as the Château d’Angers and the stunning sites of Mont St Michel; coming full circle at their arrival in Paris, home of the magical Unicorn Tapestries, the ethereal stained glass windows of Sainte Chapelle, the Pantheon, and the Luxembourg Gardens. The journey will conclude with a celebratory dinner at the oldest building in Paris, home of the famed alchemist, Nicholas Flamel.
The travel group will be comprised of a myriad of different people, from Pacifica Institute Graduates to Jung Institute professors, to younger students, all joining forces in exploring myth. Natalie Aldrich, actor, performer and myth enthusiast from Virginia; took part in the first Mythological Studies Tour in 2018 and shares her experience with us:

The study tour was an incredibly unique experience that fully immersed me into Arthurian Legend. At many of the sites it was as if we had walked back through time and saw the sparks of a story that would transcend time.

Do not miss out on such a unique, once in a life time opportunity!
For more information, contact Toni D’Anca ( or click HERE for the full flyer.


Nina Borghi is a Brazilian writer and director, currently living in Los Angeles. Since 2017, Nina has been working as an intern for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, contributing with various articles and interviews and learning as much as possible as she goes.