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Rock Art of the Lower Pecos River

Location: Shumla School

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Dr. Boyd is an artist who furthered her education by getting a doctorate in anthropolgy so her views on the rock art on the Lower Pecos River would be taken seriously. She has recently uncovered evidence that has led her to discovering that one of the sites is a composition of a Story of Creation as seen through the local’s eyes over 4,000 years ago.  As art work, the composition of art of the White Shaman (which she now sees as being an image of the Earth Mother) is one based on beautifully drawn images of a ritual of so much importance that native tribes still perform it yearly.  As an artist, Dr. Boyd is repainting this composition and bringing it back to life, giving us a more honest, nature/man relationship of creation.

I feel Dr. Boyd is contributing to the world of myth by bringing back to life the myths that the rock art represents.

Submitted by Audel Cayce (