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Rabbit Ears Treasury of Heroines

From AudioFile
This reissued collection contains tales of two legendary women, Oonagh
McCoul of Ireland and Princess Scargo of Cape Cod, and two historical
figures, Annie Oakley and Sacajawea. Four accomplished narrators, whose
styles range from measured to sprightly, use engaging but unobtrusive
regional accents where appropriate. Original music in the style of the
period or culture accompanies each story. Unfortunately “Princess
Scargo…” is marred by repeated use of the derogatory term “squaw.”
The box notes vaguely suggest historical context for “Annie Oakley” and
“The Song of Sacajawea,” but there is very little in the actual
material to help a child distinguish historical from legendary figures.
R.H.H. © AudioFile 2007, Portland, Maine– Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

Product Description
The Rabbit Ears Treasury of Heroines entertains
and enlightens with these classic stories of extraordinary women–read
by your favorite stars and featuring original music by some of today’s
greatest artists.

Annie Oakley
Read by Keith Carradine • Original Music by Los Lobos
this spirited tale we meet legendary Annie Oakley, the buckskin-wearing
sharpshooter who starred in Buffalo Bill Coty’s famous Wild West Show.

The Song of Sacajawea
Read by Laura Dern • Original Music by David Lindley
Lewis and Clark on their fascinating journey across the Rocky
Mountains, led by an extraordinary 17-year-old Native American named
Sacajawea. Her knowledge and incredible courage helped the early
American explorers to reach their final destination: the Pacific Ocean.

Finn McCoul

Read by Catherine O’Hara • Original Music by Boys of the Lough
Finn McCoul, the greatest champion in all of Ireland, discovers that
the brutish giant Cucullin is after him, he gets a wee bit nervous. But
with some ingenious culinary magic on the part of his clever wife
Oonagh, Finn manages to get out of the scrape with most of his dignity

Princess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin
Read by Geena Davis • Original Music by Michael Hedges
the story of a young girl who gave up a precious birthday gift in order
to save her village. This touching adaptation of the Native American
legend embodies the true spirit of generosity.