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Psychedelia: The History and Science of Mystical Experience

Location: Webinar

Date of Event: October 02, 2021

Host: Pacifica Graduate Institute

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“Pacifica Graduate Institute is proud to present a two-day virtual symposium centered around the screening of two films – PSYCHEDELIA: The History and Science of Mystical Experience and The Way of the Psychonaut: Stanislav Grof’s Journey of Consciousness. This unique event features a variety of panel discussions and presentations from leading figures in the field, focused on cutting-edge topics in areas of psychedelic research, including: therapeutic application and integration; issues of diversity, equity, and access; women in psychedelic and healing spaces; and psychedelics, spirituality, and the future of religion. A number of panels and discussions additionally serve as a reunion of many of the key subjects from the films as well as a diverse gathering of luminaries and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds.”

Dr. Stanislav Grof will be featured in a special guest appearance on day two.