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New Exhibit From Devendra Banhart Inspired by Mythology

Date of Exhibition Opening: February 25, 2021

Artist: Devendra Banhart

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Devendra Banhart, Merciful Demon Dancer, 2020 (Courtesy of Nicodim Gallery)

Devendra Banhart’s exhibit, The Grief I Have Caused You, is on view by appointment at Nicodim Gallery, 1700 S. Santa Fe, downtown L.A., through March 20;

LA Weekly describes the exhibit: “From the Paris conjuring salons of Madame Blavatsky, to automatic writing and other surrealist parlor games and Carl Jung’s Red Book, Banhart is following a lineage of artists who deliberately operated at the active edge of imagination and the collective subconscious. The work also explicitly references Tantric art, specifically Vajrayana Buddhism and a mediation in which you visualize yourself — your head, your body, flesh and skull.”