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Mythic Imagination Institute

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The purpose of Mythic Imagination Institute is to reunite people, primarily through art and immersion, to the accumulated wisdom of humankind that lives in stories and mythology and thereby to:

• Encourage creative response and imagination

• Help to make sense of our individual lives by seeing the stories within them

• Inspire and produce new works of art

• Engender understanding and respect for others

• Serve as a free zone for inter-disciplinary conversation and activity

• Foster a diverse community whose common knowledge of the world’s stories creates an unusual ability to transcend boundaries and take pleasure in difference

• Nurture and grow the imagination through the understanding and the making of metaphor

• Cultivate experiences and activities of mythology, archetype, and narrative

• Make friends.

Mythic Imagination Institute’s events are full of life, unique learning and people who do fascinating, provocative, meaningful work. Participants include everyone from Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to a Mayan shaman; US senators to organic farmers; musicians, teachers, designers, doctors, NGO workers.