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International Storytelling Festival Brings Mythology to Millennials

Date of Event: January 13, 2020

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Every generation manages to find their way toward the mythologies of the past. In early 2019, award-winning storyteller and puppeteer Usha Venkatraman founded the Mumbai Storytellers Society for a group of tellers who wanted to revive the ancient oral tradition of storytelling in the community. It’s also when she started thinking about a festival that would put the city on the global map — Mumbai International Storytelling Festival. The sessions at the festival tell stories of Greek heroes Hermès, Prometheus and Adonis, as well as other myths from around the world including the Monkey king — the Chinese version — and legends from Singapore such as Yu Gong Yi Shan, the old man who moved mountains. To read more about Venkatraman, her work around mythology, and and the Mumbai International Storytelling Festival, click here.