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Integrative Spirituality: Religious Pluralism, Individuation, and Awakening

Date of Publication: October 31, 2018

: Patrick J. Mahaffey

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Author Comments:

Integrative Spirituality is written for persons who desire a spirituality that is informed by religious traditions, myth, Jungian depth psychology, contemplative yoga, and related modes of thought. As a synthetic thinker, I discuss the ideas and of leading-edge theologians, religious philosophers, yogis, and depth psychologists who have animated my own spiritual quest. As an engaged scholar who practices the traditions I have studied and taught, the book emphasizes the importance of taking up psychospiritual practices that align with the uniqueness of each person’s individuation process. The writing process itself enabled me to integrate 45 years of spiritual practice and distill insights that will be useful readers who unfold their own journey towards greater wholeness and deeper awareness of their essential being or true nature.


As a professor of mythological studies and depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, I have utilized Joseph Campbell’s theory of myth as a means of navigating the pluralistic world in which we live. In the context of postmodernity, we are awash in worldviews and visions of life that often clash and engender conflict and culture wars. Integrative Spiritualitypresents exemplary Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus, as well as depth psychologists, who point the way to a vision of life that is more inclusive, comprehensive, and liberating. A pluralistic worldview must also be grounded in a particular view and corresponding practices that render it efficacious for the individual and beneficial for others. In other words, each of us must discover the myth we consciously choose to live by and embody it in a way that integrates the somatic, emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions of our being. The final chapter of the book discloses the myth I live by. The aim is to support others attracted to the power of myth to initiate us into the mysteries of the psyche, and to reveal the radiant splendor of the world we share with other sentient beings.”






1 The spirit of the times

2 Religious pluralism, spirituality, and stages of faith

3 Christianity

4 Hinduism

5 Buddhism

6 Jungian depth psychology and individuation

7 Contemplative yoga and awakening

8 Integrative spiritual awakening and psychological development

9 Credo