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‘Harry Potter,’ Anime & Greek Mythology: Lindsey Stirling on What Inspired ‘Artemis’

Date of Publication: October 10, 2019

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Lindsey Stirling’s new layered concept album, ​Artemis,​ is built on themes and characters from Greek mythology, ​Harry Potter​, and other varied inspirations. The concept album began as a standalone song about what the goddess, Artemis, symbolized. But the album began to grow as Stirling continued exploring the deeper meaning of “the protector of virtue and femininity.” Stirling has always resonated with storytelling and she finds it “​easier to learn lessons from fictional characters than it is in real life. That’s why I’ve always loved to tell stories through analogies and allegories.” This experience has led her to find new ways to challenge her creativity, through her upcoming tour, music videos, a comic book, and an anime.