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Group Exhibition to Explore Goddess Mythology, Gender Binaries and Archetypes

Date of Exhibition Opening: May 01, 2021

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(Reimer, untitled, 2020, image courtesy the artist)

She can cook a potato in her hand, and make it taste like chocolate, an upcoming group exhibition (Online) coming in May of 2021, will bring together artists, writers, poets, designers, and academics to explore goddess mythology, gender binaries and archetypes.

This multi-disciplinary artist project will result in an online exhibition/publication, which will serve as a creative and academic reference for Humboldt Universität in Berlin.


Led by Canadian artist/writer Jasmine Reimer, the project features the work of:

Priscilla Aleman

Konstantinos Billias

Amanda Boulos @amooboo

Giulia Chesi

Kristina Dryza @kristinadryza

Delphine Adama Fawundu @adamadelphine

Francesco Giusti

Tatiana Hahn @anoring

Nina Horn

Jasmine Reimer @jreimes

Lisa Robertson

Marianna Simnett @mariannasimnett

Sofia Varino @sofiavarino


Reimer gratefully acknowledges the support of The Canada Council for the Arts, Humboldt Universität, and each of her collaborators.