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Gamut Theatre Group

Location: Harrisburg, PA

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The Gamut is dedicated to preserving the classic story. Audience, actors, directors, and technicians all come together to truly live in and through the stories of the Grimm brothers, the Greek dramatists, the Italian Commedia, William Shakespeare, World Folk-lorists and many other of the world’s most abundant souls, who are only separated from us today by that daunting, tenacious(but, as we often find, ultimately non-existent) barrier: Time. 
Gamut works to erase prohibitive artificial boundaries between perceived “high” and “low” culture so that the intangible treasures of the past, our stories, are given a life that is accessible to all. 
The work of Joseph Campbell was an important influence in the formulation of the Theatre’s Mission, and continues to be an essential guide and inspiration.