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Dharma Punx

Date of Publication: May 04, 2004

Author: Noah Levine

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The writing and release of this book clearly indicates the beginnings of an authentic American buddhism. The transmission of dharma is no longer bounded by the traditions inherited from Asia, but arises from the integrity of our own experience. 

Generation X is the first generation in the United States to have the opportunity to grow up with buddhist practice always in our consciousness. This book is among the first (and the most powerful thus far) to communicate dharma from a mature naturally American perspective.

Not a week ago I mentioned to my lady friend that there wouldn’t be an authentic American buddhism until we had punk zen .. a situation where we don’t have to hide our tattoos or our deep spiritual committments, where our experience of suffering agnst rejection and frustration can meld with our experience of the efficacy of compassion, devotion, and discipline.

This book points the way.

Submitted by:
maitri (rinpoche), a gen-x tattooed monk in the soto style.