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1 World – 1 Creation Myth – 1 Cosmology

Date of Resource Added: November 26, 2008

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Why is it that the Creation Myths are so similar all over the World? Why is it that the answers are so difficult to find? One should otherwise assume that the answers should be fairly easy to find when our Ancestors all over the World seemingly knew the common answers to the common questions?

Once upon a time, Mythology was The Common Knowledge. Can it be that this knowledge still can be counted for? Can it be compared to Modern Science of Astronomy and Cosmology?

In my opinion it really can! And even more so: The Ancient Way of Knowledge is far more Holistic and Universal. The results of Modern Science are just dots which can be used in order to understand the Telling of Mythology. And when doing so, it reveals the stunningly easy answer to the questions.


— Ivar Nielsen