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Resource Tag creation

Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art

“Trickster Makes This World” brings to life the playful and disruptive side of the human imagination as it is embodied in the trickster mythology. Most at home on the road or at the twilight edge of town, tricksters are consummate…

1 World – 1 Creation Myth – 1 Cosmology

Why is it that the Creation Myths are so similar all over the World? Why is it that the answers are so difficult to find? One should otherwise assume that the answers should be fairly easy to find when our Ancestors…

The Urantia Book

First published in 1955, the Urantia Book boldly claims to be a revelation of truth to our world from a friendly and well-ordered universe. A revelation, in book form, intended to help guide humankind into a new era of evolutionary…

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