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International Storytelling Festival Brings Mythology to Millennials

Every generation manages to find their way toward the mythologies of the past. In early 2019, award-winning storyteller and puppeteer Usha Venkatraman founded the Mumbai Storytellers Society for a group of tellers who wanted to revive the ancient oral tradition of storytelling in the community. It's also when she started...

The Hero’s Guidebook: Creating Your Own Hero’s Journey

Have you ever wondered why people love hero stories so much? The Hero's Guidebook will tell you the secret reason we find heroes so exciting and inspirational! Humorously illustrated with over 40 cartoons by the author, this book takes readers through the stages of the Hero's Journey using examples from...

Hero Quest Classroom Game

This classroom game, based on concepts from the Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell as presented in his groundbreaking book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, asks students to create their own hero quest. In groups of two, students will create an original hero quest and then play it out. Students...

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