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Gods and Games: Toward a New Mythology of Play

A deeply thoughtful, deeply irreverent look at the mythology of play, Gods and Games ties together Joseph Campbell’s approach to myth and religion with Johan Huizinga’s view of our species as Homo ludens — “Man the Game-player” — suggesting that play is a central aspect of the human spirit and...

Mythological Innovations in the Chaos Era – 2009 – 2018

As a “best of”, Willi Paul’s “New Testament” database catalogs his journey into mythology from 2009 – 2018. Included in this collection are links to his iTunes book: “MythicWarrior: Reader and Myth Engine - Permaculture, Nature, Transition and the New Mythology” and a new album entitled “Mythology of Sound Spores”...

Sundara Kãnda: Hanuman’s Odyssey

While Mahabharata's Bhagvad-Gita is taken as a philosophical guide, Ramayana's Sundara Kãnda is sought for spiritual solace; many believe that reading it or hearing it recited would remove all hurdles and usher in good tidings! Miracles apart, it's in the nature of this great epic to inculcate fortitude and generate...

Internet Classics Archive

Over 440 works of classical literature, mainly Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian), all in English translation and some in the original Greek, are available for free at this online archive created by the MIT media lab.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

A fabulously eclectic collection of online texts edited and translated by Univ. of Pittsburgh scholar, D. L. Ashliman. Worth a look!

The Gnostis Archive

The Gnosis Archive offers a vast collection of primary texts and resources relating to Gnosticism and the Gnostic Tradition, both ancient and modern.

Soto Zen Text Project

The Soto Zen Text Project is an initiative of the International Division of the Administrative Headquarters of Soto Zen Buddhism (Sotoshu Shumucho) that seeks to provide materials for the international study and practice of Soto Zen. The project was formally launched in 1996, with the establishment of an Editorial Board...

Archeoastronomy Articles

A linked listing of useful, scholarly articles on the new field of archeoastronomy.

SurLaLune Fairytales

SurLaLune Fairy Tales features 49 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, modern interpretations and over 1,500 illustrations. Also discover over 1,600 folktales & fairy tales from around the world in more than 40 full-text eBooks. A discussion forum is also available.

Perseus Project at Tufts

Perseus is an evolving digital library, engineering interactions through time, space, and language. The primary goal is to bring a wide range of source materials to as large an audience as possible. Among the offerings are Greek and Roman texts, maps and images.

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