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Graphic Novel ‘Jia and the Nian Monster’ Taps Chinese Mythology

“China’s history is rich with folktales and fables, most unknown to western readers,” Mike Richardso, writer of Jia and the Nian Monster and publisher Dark Horse Comics' president and founder — told The Hollywood Reporter recently when explaining the origins of the project. “One of the most popular is the...

Seven Gods of Luck cover
The Seven Gods of Luck

This retelling of traditional Japanese fairy tale (written by JCF managing editor David Kudler with illustrations by Linda Finch) explores the myths and traditions of the Japanese New Year and the Shichifukujin — the Seven Gods of Luck. "A lively adaptation of a Japanese folktale.... The well-paced, carefully plotted text has...

The Children’s Book of Myths and Legends

A comprhensive, entertaining source for the education of children in mythology. Over fifty myths from diverse traditions inclduing Greek, Japanese, Norse, African culture.

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