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The Heroine as the Modern Goddess

Princess Weekes recently published an article for The Mary Sue about a Feminist Film Event that centered around the development and growth of our female heroines and villains and how their presence impacts our personal, cultural mythology as described by Joseph Campbell. Weekes starts off the article by bringing up the point that comic books become our myths. She quotes an author, Laurence Maslon, who said that comics are, “‘our Greek myths. But the difference is, they’re no longer what the Greek myths were to the Greeks – they’re what they were to western civilization centuries later. We know them so well now. They have outlived the intent of the original.’” It is known that stories reflect as well as mold our society and this insight was an inspiration for the event. Weekes centered the day’s theme around finding out what our female characters say and represent about our society. In preparation for the event she studied Joseph Campbell extensively so that she would be able to approach any discussion with the frame of mind that these stories are our myths.