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Snyder cites Campbell and Hero’s Journey in DC & HBOMax’s Miniseries “Justice League”

Director, Zack Snyder’s awaited cut of his Justice League film will now be released as a miniseries from DC Entertainment and HBOMax. Snyder has long been a vocal supporter of Joseph Campbell and his work. At the DC Fandome event on August 22, 2020, Snyder affirmed Campbell’s influence on the story. According to Comics Beat, “Ray Fisher, who portrays Cyborg in the film/series, relayed a question about the themes Snyder wants to tackle, and the challenge of keeping the tone of the movie “mythological.” Snyder cited Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey as something he and Chris Terrio had in mind when they were writing the movie. “It is a mythological concept to begin with,” Snyder said, comparing the characters to a mythological group.” To read more about Snyder’s Justice League series, click here.