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Nashville band, CORDOVAS, blends Joseph Campbell and Hero’s Journey into music

Rolling Stone magazine has featured an article on the recent work of Nashville foursome, the Cordovas, who have blended ideas from Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey into their work. The article cites the lyrics of lead singer, Joe Firstman, stating, “Firstman and his bandmates aren’t passively waiting for that brighter day; rather, like Campbell’s hero archetype, they’re actively searching for ways to expand their worldview. “Open up your heart, let love come through the door/open up your mind, that’s what it’s for,” Firstman preaches. Sure, it’s a bit hippy-dippy of a sentiment, but the message reinforces how simple personal change or growth can often be. (Such a transformation was essential to the journey of Campbell’s hero.)” To read the full article at and hear the music of the Cordovas, click here.