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Musical Ensemble at Dartmouth College Inspired by Campbell’s Hero’s Journey

Source: Courtesy of Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble Director at Dartmouth College, Brian Messier, has arranged a performance titled “The Hero’s Journey.” The performance centers on the archetypal story of a protagonist’s progression in the face of obstacles, an artistic trope popularized by Joseph Campbell. The performance was given February 19, 2022 in Spaulding Auditorium at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. According to The Dartmouth, “Messier said the use of music as a tool to convey narrative is a fixture of Wind Ensemble performances. He explained that each instrumental element plays a role in articulating the larger narrative to the audience. ‘There’s a solo clarinetist who starts very softly and independently…almost as a stand-in for the hero of the program,” Messier said. “And then all of the works on the program are kind of on the topic of journey, discovery, transcendence and arrival. So there’s kind of this musical progression.’” To read more about the arrangement and performance, click here.