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Harvard Career Advisor Points to Campbell for Job Interviews

Gorick Ng

An article from Forbes on Harvard Career Advisor, Gorick Ng, has the author and advisor point to Joseph Campbell and his Hero’s Journey as a template for prospective job hunters when navigating interviews. The article states, “The hero’s journey is a storytelling framework inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell. Ng suggests that the same framework used in artistic forms of storytelling like movies and novels can be adapted to make a strong impression at a job interview.

In its simplest form, Campbell’s template follows a hero through various stages of their journey—from getting called to an adventure to overcoming obstacles and, finally, returning home as a changed person.

Ng says job candidates can prepare their own hero’s journey by thinking about the spark that ignited their interest in the field. Then, consider relevant experiences that make you uniquely qualified for the position.”

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