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‘Gretel and Hansel’ Director Points to Campbell and Collective Unconscious

Osgood “Oz” Perkins, son of acclaimed actor Anthony Perkins of Psycho fame,  talked recently about the lens he brought to his latest film, Gretel and Hansel. “Fairytales are elementally rooted in the collective unconscious. Whether you’re approaching storytelling through Joseph Campbell or through any of those sort of monomyth approaches, the earliest stories are salient throughout time. So when something as pure as Hansel and Gretel came my way, the feeling was there’s a weird scary, deeply affecting movie to be had here. Because all of these old stories, they live in people. They live in us, kind of from birth; kind of like it’s almost already there when we come into consciousness. Whether you’re a 12-year-old or a 112-year-old, you already kind of grok the meanings – they may be different for each person – but it’s already built-in. I liked that we were working from source material that was almost cellular to the human experience,” Perkins said. To read more about Perkins and Gretel and Hansel, click here.