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Eminem Through The Hero’s Journey

Paul Taylor writes a series of articles for the website LemonWire, analyzing the life of rapper Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, through the lens of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

According to these articles, Eminem’s fame and popularity comes from his outrageous lyrics and the even more outrageous created persona, Slim Shady. This controversial behavior takes the musician through an interesting Journey, televised for the world to see.


The very first article of the series talks about Marshall’s first steps towards his successful career.

The following chapter goes over the Crossing of the Threshold and Eminem’s growing record sales.

The third part in this series goes deeper into the Road of Trials to prove the rapper’s worth.

Next, you can read about Shady’s low point, his personal and professional Abyss.

Getting through his Abyss, Eminem finds a new voice and reinvents himself.

Then, Paul Taylor writes about Marshall Mathers’ Road Back, and how much he’s matured and evolved.

And finally, the ending to this heroic series of articles, The Final Return.