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Delush Cites Campbell and ‘Hero’s Journey’ as Inspiration in New Album

Berlin-based musician and producer, Enda Gallery, who writes and records music under the name Delush, Whose work has been featured on the BBC’s popular adaptation of ‘Normal People’ recently cited Joseph Campbell and the concept of the Hero’s Journey as inspirations for his latest album. “I was first inspired by ‘The Hero’s Journey’. This is the theory by Joseph Campbell that all human mythology follows a structure, something like: the person is in a current situation which becomes threatening or uncomfortable, or they decide internally they need to act or leave, then the person takes up that call and goes off on an adventure, facing a lot of challenges and hopefully emerging victorious and finally bringing back that knowledge to others. And this cycle can repeat all your life. I wrote songs for each stage of this journey. But then I expanded it myself to a wider lens,” Gallery said. To read more about Delush and his album “The Journey to Zero,” click here.