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Deepak Chopra Honors Campbell and FOLLOW YOUR BLISS

Deepak Chopra discusses Joseph Campbell and unpacks one of Campbell’s most well-known ideas — Follow Your Bliss – in an article for Yahoo. Chopra corrects a number of misunderstandings around Campbell’s phrase and explains the way he understands the power behind the idea. Chopra states:

“When the great American mythologist Joseph Campbell first used the phrase, “Follow your bliss,” he inspired many people. He held out a vision that was radically different from the notion that hard work, persistence and keeping your shoulder to the wheel was the key to success. But actually, achieving this new vision didn’t prove to be easy.

Campbell’s underlying intention had mythical and spiritual roots. This is clear when you read a bit more about his advice. “If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you.” This is where people get confused and frustrated, however. They have something they love to do, but the invisible track doesn’t show up. Or what they love to do might have absolutely no financial aspect. What then?

I wanted to clarify what the blissful life actually is, which motivated me to write my latest book, Total Meditation.”

To read Chopra’s entire article, where he discusses Campbell and the idea in more detail , click here.