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Celebrating Joe

Campbell c. 1927

This week we celebrate the birthday of our beloved mythologist, mentor and friend, Joseph Campbell. Joe was born on March 26, 1904.

In looking back at his post-graduate life, Joe often spoke of those five “formative years” in Woodstock, NY. It was the height of the Great Depression, but in such dire times Joe found solace in a modest rented shack where he immersed in study, intuited threads of insights, and maintained a regimented reading of 9-hour sessions. He later referred to those years as his own finding of Bliss. Those years became the backbone of his life-long myth-adventures and fueled his aspirations to teach his students, and beyond, the Shared Story of the Human Spirit.

In our own time amidst the COVID-19 crisis, though it may be hard to see, perhaps we can look deeper into circumstances and perceive the seeds of rebirth, revitalization, and restoration at work in our Work this very moment—apart but together in the synergy.

In honor of Joe’s birthday and in service to healing our present ailing world, filmmaker Patrick T. Solomon has graciously made available his marvelous 2011 film, Finding Joe, on his YouTube channel.

A message from Patrick:

If you haven’t seen it then you are in for a treat! This is hope, courage, and love
all wrapped up in an 80-minute burrito of inspiration. I promise whoever should
share this with will thank you. Please share this with as many people as you
can…the world needs this message now!

With Maximum Love ~ Patrick Takaya Solomon