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Campbell and Storytelling in The New York Times

Ini Archibong’s “Ritual Calendar” (2017), a black granite monolith inset with 31 droplets of white marble. Its serene silhouette is intended to instill a sense of veneration, a spirituality that transcends cultures. Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Ini Archibong. Credit…Daniel Kukla…The New York Times

Designer Ini Archibong discussed Joseph Campbell and storytelling in a personal reflection for The New York Times as part of a series called The Big Ideas in which writers respond to a single question: What do we believe? “…as the academic and mythologist Joseph Campbell taught us, the universe’s biggest truths and secrets are too random and nebulous to communicate and understand empirically, so mankind has applied one of its greatest gifts to the task: storytelling, often in the form of folk tales and legends,” Archibong states in the article. He goes on the discuss heroes, story, and the intersection of design with these ideas.

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