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Butterflies and Soul Journeys

In an article for Black Voice News, S. E. Williams highlights a book written by Queen Shamala that deeply parallels the work of Joseph Campbell and The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Dr. Queen Shamala Sykes, founder of the University of Creative Light Initiation System, has written about her life experiences and her process of discovering her soul. In Blackbutterfly Soul Song she highlights her quest for the answer to the question “Who am I?” Williams mentions how the process that Sykes went through very closely parallels to that which Campbell talked about in his work, “Every evolution toward self-discovery is sacred. Every quest to realize the meaning of life and one’s reason for being is, as the great philosopher Joseph Campbell instructed, a hero’s journey.” The journey that Sykes went through to find herself forced her to dig deep into the depths of her soul. She focuses much of her attention on the butterfly and its symbolism of metamorphosis and change. The different stages of her journey are likely to be similar to the stages of the Hero’s Journey were we to delve into the book ourselves. Either way this is not a book that those seeking the answers to similar questions would want to miss.