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Joseph Campbell Inspires Playwright

Evalyn Hansen interviews Lynne Kaufman for the Ashland Daily Tidings about her writing process. Kaufman talks about how inspirational Joseph Campbell and his work have been to her, all throughout her career. The mythologist’s take on the advantages of research when writing,…

Joseph Campbell & Into The Woods

Michael Pulliam writes for the The Maui News about MAPA Live’s production of “Into the Woods, comparing the musical to Joseph Campbell’s mythology classic, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” The article goes over Campbell’s Mono-myth and the Hero’s Journey, explaining how  the…

Oregon Play Follows Hero’s Journey

This article written for the Herald News discusses SEX! a.k.a. Wieners and Boobs, a cutting-edge play at the Linkville Playhouse, a performing arts theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The story follows a gang of hookers and gigolos being chased by an…

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