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Reading Into Campbell

The New York Times published an incredible interview with Joseph Campbell himself, conducted by D. J. R. Bruckner, editor of the newspaper’s Book Review. Joseph Campbell was a mythologist, a writer, a teacher and so much more. In this interview, Campbell talks about how…

Father of Comedy

In this NY Times SundayReview article, we learn how comedian Mike Nichols struggles to overcome the fear of disappointing the father while excelling in his career. While analyzing the multiple archetypal figures that surround people’s lives, Joseph Campbell poses the father…

Remembering Joseph Campbell

Joseph Berger writes for the New York Times about Joseph Campbell and his life. “He freed the boundaries of my mind. He could travel across centuries, he could travel across continents. He made us think differently.” – Nancy Sureck, Former Student of Joseph…

Eminem Fuels the Hero’s Journey

Neil Strauss writes for the New York Times about the roots of Eminem’s lyrics. In this fantastic article, Strauss not only finds references to Campbell’s work, but discovers Eminem might just be the modern Hero.    

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