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Heroes Make Mistakes Too

Brandon Davis writes for the website Comic Book about the Marvel superhero Thor and his flawed journey. This article (which contains spoilers on the movie Avengers: Infinity War), explains how the God of Thunder has made his fair share of…

Sylvester Stallone and the Galaxy

Samuel Brace writes for the website Flickering Myth about Sylvester Stallone and his role on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Influenced by Joseph Campbell’s A Hero With a Thousand Faces, Stallone speaks on different generation’s heroes and myths, happy to…

Wonder Woman’s Sword in Batman v Superman

Nerdy Fact #1522: Wonder Woman’s sword in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is inscribed a quote from Joseph Campbell’s collection Goddesses: Mystery of the Feminine Divine: “Life is killing all the time and so the goddess kills herself in…

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