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Immigration Meets the Hero’s Journey

Peter Keough writes for The Boston Globe, taking a look at the 2015 film “The Great Man,” in which immigration and legal status play a huge barrier in the fight for freedom. The film follows a very well thought out…

Joseph Campbell and 21st Century Spirituality

 Derek Beres writes for Big Think on Joseph Campbell and how his work has influenced 21st Century Spirituality and culture as a whole. This article touches on various points of view of Campbell’s work, from praises to skepticism, which provides…

Superman’s Suit Embedded with Joseph Campbell Quote

Kirsten Acuna writes for the Business Insider about the hit movie “Batman Vs. Superman”. Director Zach Snyder couldn’t help but include an iconic Campbell quote embedded into the core weaving on the suit Superman wears. It was even translated into Superman’s native language.…

Tamil Cinema Features Joseph Campbell’s Work

The Deccan Herald takes a look at the way Director K.S. Ravikumar featured “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” in his feature film “Lingaa.” The film starring India’s biggest actor, was a hit and has received great ratings on IMDB.…

Thank Campbell for Modern Abridgment

Adam Gopnik writes for the New Yorker about how it wouldn’t be possible for modern publishers to abridge classics without Campbell paving the way. Many classic novels such as “Moby Dick”, and “Vanity Fair” are so complicated to read, many are put…

Remembering Joseph Campbell

Joseph Berger writes for the New York Times about Joseph Campbell and his life. “He freed the boundaries of my mind. He could travel across centuries, he could travel across continents. He made us think differently.” – Nancy Sureck, Former Student of Joseph…

Eminem Fuels the Hero’s Journey

Neil Strauss writes for the New York Times about the roots of Eminem’s lyrics. In this fantastic article, Strauss not only finds references to Campbell’s work, but discovers Eminem might just be the modern Hero.    

The Hero’s Journey in Fairy Tales

Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine

Maria Tatar writes for the New York Time about The Hero’s Journey and how it is one of the essential pieces to a memorable Fairy Tale. The article includes an incredibly in depth analysis of Fairy Tales, and some great illustrations.

The Most Common Rite of Passage: A Piercing

David Jacobson writes for the Honolulu Adviser about a well established artist who believes piercings are major Rites of Passage in many journeys. There are some things in life we take for granted. Getting a piercing is a big step in…

The Price is Right is The Hero’s Journey

Joe Rhodes writes for The New York Times about Drew Carey and The Price is Right. In an interview with Carey himself, Rhodes admits that each contestant that comes onto the show is experiencing their own Hero’s Journey. 

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