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Note Tag Following Your Bliss

A Blissful Journey

The Times of India features the new edition of The Bliss Catchers in this inspiring article by Priya Menon. The Bliss Catchers is a series curated by indian author Avis Viswanathan, inspired by Joseph Campbell’s work. The great mythologist once…

Finding The Hero Within Us

This blog entry at The Good Man Project shares Tom Kelley’s opinion on Heroes and their role in popular culture. Joseph Campbell, in his massive work with Mythology and literature, discovered a pattern followed by most, if not all, myths. Another pattern…

Forward and Onwards

This blog post written by Keith Barber for Yes! Weekly explores a man’s journey from a tragic break-up to finding his bliss, while always leaning on Campbell’s work for inspiration and motivation. Learn more about Campbell’s bliss teachings.

Following Your Bliss

In this The Huffington Post article, award-winning author Dennis Jones shares his story on how Joseph Campbell’s message about “following Your Bliss” opened doors and transformed his life. This uplifting article encourages everyone to find their true calling and personal path…

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