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The Journey to Self-Discovery

S. E. Williams writes about Dr. Queen Shamala Sykes and her new book, Blackbutterfly Soul Song. Williams praises Queen Shamala’s book, which delves deep into her journey through searching the meaning of life. The book culminates in a powerful awakening, drawing from…

Grace In The Desert

In this book review for Grace in the Desert, by Dennis Patrick Slattery, Maureen Murdock analyzes the journey within the narrative and deeply compliments the writer’s sensitivity. Joseph Campbell’s work on The Hero’s Journey has been used as reference for…

All The Trials Ahead

In this informal and fun interview for The Huffington Post, “Eat, Pray, Love” ‘s author Elizabeth Gilbert, talks about the Road Of Trials that everyone must face while searching for their true purpose. Using Joseph Campbell’s work and teachings as reference, she…

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