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Art and Friendship: Joseph Campbell and Angela Gregory in ‘A Dream and a Chisel’
November 27, 2019

Joseph Campbell and celebrated artist, Angela Gregory, met while they were both living in Paris, studying at the Sorbonne. Author Nancy L. Penrose details the initial encounters between the two in her book A Dream and a Chisel, as well as the experiences and conversations they shared during the season their lives intersected. While the book offers a much more expansive exploration of the Louisiana sculptor’s life in the years between 1925 and 1928,...

Wild and Blissful
July 27, 2017

In The Power of Myth, the PBS special hosted by Bill Moyer, Campbell speaks of Following your bliss, taking the necessary steps towards a happier and more fulfilling life. But to follow ones bliss may mean different things to different people, as it certainly does to Joe Hutto. In this eccentric article, you can read about Joe Hutto, a man who loves to study and care for wild turkeys. He lives amongst the animals and...

Self-Help to Follow Your Bliss
July 27, 2017

In this The New Yorker article, Nancy Franklin takes a closer look into Suze Orman's reasoning behind writing her best-seller self-help books, how they helped in her relationship with money and God. Self-help books are widely popular within the United States, but there can also be some prejudice against those who read it, and even those who write it. Orman's PSB special can be somewhat compared to Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer's The Power...

Myths and Symbols
July 27, 2017

This Escala Magazine article by Elena C. Murray goes deep into talking about different superstitions and popular sayings that tell a lot about each individual culture! Relevant in all literature, but especially in mythology, symbols are present everywhere in the world around us. Different societies treat symbols in different ways, but there seems to be underlying similarities that goes across all of them. Read the full article, both in English and Spanish!

Wynton Marsalis on Joseph Campbell
July 27, 2017

Departures Magazine highlights world-famous jazz musician Wynton Marsalis,who doesn’t only have a good taste in music, but also enjoys good books. One of his favorites is Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth! Read the publication by clicking here.  

Understanding Myth
July 27, 2017

This article, by Michael Sandrock for The Daily Camera, celebrates Joseph Campbell's centennial, his life and work. Speaking of some of the films his work has influenced, The Passion of Christ is brought up, as the ultimate Hero's Journey. In Campbell's own words, "religion is mythology misunderstood", and there are many comparisons to be drawn between the mono-myth and Christ's journey. Read the full article and draw your own conclusions.

Joseph Campbell Centennial
July 27, 2017

In this article for Santa Barbara News Press, Tom Jacobs celebrates Campbell's work with mythology on the 100th anniversary of his birth. He specifically talks about his talent on translating old myths into people's current reality. His work as a teacher in Sarah Laurence University, the books he wrote and the various lectures and talks given by him, made Joseph Campbell an icon and reference for everyone who studies mythology and storytelling. Read the full...

Psychology 101
July 27, 2017

This helpful info-graphic from Newsweek Magazine shows how Joseph Campbell's work influences the field of Psychology. Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis and his work influenced various other fields of study. His colleague, Carl Jung, developed concepts that would later be used by other intellectuals. Jung is credited with the discovery of the archetypal phenomena, a concept used by Joseph Campbell when exploring the different characters that populate the famous Hero's Journey. Explore...

A Forceful Influence
July 27, 2017

In this article for San Francisco Magazine, Andrew Nelson talks about how Joseph Campbell and his work have inspired many around the world, making him a hero, a guru and a... master Jedi? That's how it must have felt for George Lucas, when he met his personal Yoda, in 1983. The reunion of these two wonderfully influential men developed into a friendship, and certainly the most interesting conversations. Read more about this legendary event.

Grace In The Desert
July 27, 2017

In this book review for Grace in the Desert, by Dennis Patrick Slattery, Maureen Murdock analyzes the journey within the narrative and deeply compliments the writer's sensitivity. Joseph Campbell's work on The Hero's Journey has been used as reference for essays, books, movies, conversations and a countless number of artistic expressions. It has also been the inspirational source of other similar work, such as The Heroine's Journey, written by Maureen Murdock herself. Read the...

Dancing With The Dragon
July 26, 2017

The Esalen Institute celebrates Joseph Campbell and their beautiful partnership in this heartfelt and gracefully thankful article by philosopher and performer Chungliang Al Huang. He shares the excitement and nervousness of his first encounter with Campbell, how they were both mutually interested on each other’s work and the developing lectures and events they held together. One in particular is the Mythbody seminar, followed by Dancing With Joseph Campbell, held every year around his birthday week! Read...

Transitioning Into Yourself
July 26, 2017

In this article for Oprah Magazine, Sally Fields talks about her career, the transitions that she has had to make and the struggle behind them. From acting on TV shows to directing Beautiful, a theatrical release, Sally used Joseph Campbell’s wisdom to realize that the first step, accepting the journey and launching yourself into it, is what makes a Hero truly heroic. Read the full article to learn more about Fields' journey.

Thank Campbell for Modern Abridgment
November 28, 2016

Adam Gopnik writes for the New Yorker about how it wouldn't be possible for modern publishers to abridge classics without Campbell paving the way. Many classic novels such as "Moby Dick", and "Vanity Fair" are so complicated to read, many are put off at by the first few pages. Joseph Campbell's: "A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake" was a well needed abridgment which helped shape the future of the craft.

Remembering Joseph Campbell
November 28, 2016

Joseph Berger writes for the New York Times about Joseph Campbell and his life. "He freed the boundaries of my mind. He could travel across centuries, he could travel across continents. He made us think differently." - Nancy Sureck, Former Student of Joseph Campbell. The article goes on to explore various aspects of Campbell's life, focusing on his time as a professor at Sarah Lawrence College.

Eminem Fuels the Hero’s Journey
November 28, 2016

Neil Strauss writes for the New York Times about the roots of Eminem's lyrics. In this fantastic article, Strauss not only finds references to Campbell's work, but discovers Eminem might just be the modern Hero.    

Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine
The Hero’s Journey in Fairy Tales
November 28, 2016

Maria Tatar writes for the New York Time about The Hero's Journey and how it is one of the essential pieces to a memorable Fairy Tale. The article includes an incredibly in depth analysis of Fairy Tales, and some great illustrations.

The Hero Inside All of Us
November 28, 2016

Jen Waters writes for The Washington Times about classics of American Cinema and how Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey influenced each and every one of them. Waters explores the effect that films can have in people, manipulating their emotions and creating strong connections. That power comes from the reoccurring use of Campbell's Hero's Journey.

The Most Common Rite of Passage: A Piercing
November 28, 2016

David Jacobson writes for the Honolulu Adviser about a well established artist who believes piercings are major Rites of Passage in many journeys. There are some things in life we take for granted. Getting a piercing is a big step in many adolescents and adults throughout the world. It's relieving to know that the artists behind the craft acknowledge this.

How Campbell Helped Create a Tibetan Mandala
November 28, 2016

Lucy's El Adobe was published in the Larchmont Chronicle for creating a Tibetan Mandala in the restaurant. She did so because of Joseph Campbell.

The Price is Right is The Hero’s Journey
November 28, 2016

Joe Rhodes writes for The New York Times about Drew Carey and The Price is Right. In an interview with Carey himself, Rhodes admits that each contestant that comes onto the show is experiencing their own Hero's Journey. 

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