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SUPERNATURAL Creator Points to Joseph Campbell
November 25, 2020

Hit television show, Supernatural, concluded its 15 year run with creator, Eric Kripke, sharing with fans his original notes for the creation of the show. Kripke tweeted the notes out to fans, where he states that "this show is inherently a mythic quest, a hero's journey, classic Joseph Campbell Stuff." Kripke goes on to say, "I went for the most CLASSIC structure possible. Hero's Journey." To see Kripke's tweet and to read more of...

Celebrating Joe
March 26, 2020

[caption id="attachment_1973" align="alignleft" width="218"] Campbell c. 1927[/caption] This week we celebrate the birthday of our beloved mythologist, mentor and friend, Joseph Campbell. Joe was born on March 26, 1904. In looking back at his post-graduate life, Joe often spoke of those five "formative years" in Woodstock, NY. It was the height of the Great Depression, but in such dire times Joe found solace in a modest rented shack where he immersed in study, intuited...

NBA Legend, Kobe Bryant, Studied Campbell Deeply and Spoke of His Importance
January 27, 2020

NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, who died on January 26, had been vocal about his study of Joseph Campbell, and specifically The Hero's Journey. Ramona Shelburne, a reporter for ESPN, recounted her conversations with Bryant about Campbell and his work. "We talked often that year about Joseph Campbell and "The Hero's Journey." Kobe had read it cover to cover. Studied it deeply as both the author of his own legend throughout his 20-year career and...

Campbell Inspires Festival in Gyaan Adab
December 16, 2019

Hina Siddiqui, programme coordinator of The Heroine's Journey Festival, says, “The objective of the programme is to start a dialogue towards evolving the representation of women and femme people in the arts and media. Through the festival, we hope to ‘re:FRAME, re:ACT and re:WRITE’, the narrative of the modern-day heroine.” On what led the team to organize the festival, Siddiqui adds that the seeds of the festival were found first in Joseph Campbell’s seminal...

Campbell Inspires Theme of Military Veterans’ Event
December 11, 2019

Amanda Etter, director of University of San Diego's Military and Veterans Program (MVP) and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, coordinated the theme, "Our Stories, Our Journeys." She said was inspired by author Joseph Campbell's book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Campbell had studied hero myths from around the world and stated that a hero's journey is a cycle. The journey begins and ends in the ordinary world, but often the hero is called...

Russian Linesman Musically Explores the Monomyth
December 2, 2019

Joseph Campbell's Monomyth has inspired artists in virtually every field in both direct and indirect ways. Electronic music maverick, Russian Linesman recently completed a project that explores the Monomyth in six distinct acts. Each song is named after the relevant part of the hero’s journey and has been accompanied by unique, complex compositions that combine a multitude of diverse collected instrumentation and field recordings to fit the mood of the storytelling. Most storytellers remain...

The Heroine as the Modern Goddess
May 13, 2019

Princess Weekes recently published an article for The Mary Sue about a Feminist Film Event that centered around the development and growth of our female heroines and villains and how their presence impacts our personal, cultural mythology as described by Joseph Campbell. Weekes starts off the article by bringing up the point that comic books become our myths. She quotes an author, Laurence Maslon, who said that comics are, “‘our Greek myths. But the difference...

The Path is Never Clear
March 31, 2017

Kevin Ritchie writes about Mark Burnett, and the producer of shows like The Apprentice, and Survivor, used a Campbell quote to help bring him through a pitch with Donald Trump. He explains in an interview on Real Screen that one's path in life is never laid out clearly, a lesson from Campbell. This understanding of uncertainty is what kept him calm when Donald Trump told him to show up to his office in ten...

Viola Davis is a Campbell Fan
March 30, 2017

Viola Davis, in an interview with the Star Tribune, discusses her struggles, and how Campbell played a role in her life. She makes a point of Campbell's thoughts on ritual, and the significance it plays in getting people through life. "He talks about the path and journey of a hero, living a life bigger than yourself. That's an important read for anyone." Follow the link for the full page!

Mythical Politics
March 20, 2017

Watch this CNN interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, The Atlantic's Molly Ball and The Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik, brought in to discuss Hillary Clinton's political journey throughout her campaign. Comparing Clinton's trajectory to the Mono-Myth structure laid out by Joseph Campbell, the guests elaborate on how the media coverage can change someone's archetypal role in a narrative. Watch the full interview.

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