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George Miller’s Take on Storytelling
November 30, 2016

Jen Yamato writes for The Daily Beast about director George Miller and Jospeh Campbell. In the interview, he explains that Joseph Campbell has illustrated why we tell stories to begin with. He goes on to share a quote that in whole, is the essence of why Miller understands what makes a good story.  

Ted Talk Animation on Campbell’s Monomyth Model
November 30, 2016

In case you've missed it, Ted Talks published an intriguing animation on Joseph Campbell's commonly used Monomyth structure, "The Hero's Journey". This is more than worth five minutes of your day.

Immigration Meets the Hero’s Journey
November 30, 2016

Peter Keough writes for The Boston Globe, taking a look at the 2015 film "The Great Man," in which immigration and legal status play a huge barrier in the fight for freedom. The film follows a very well thought out Hero's Journey structure, as illustrated by the article.

Superman’s Suit Embedded with Joseph Campbell Quote
November 30, 2016

Kirsten Acuna writes for the Business Insider about the hit movie "Batman Vs. Superman". Director Zach Snyder couldn't help but include an iconic Campbell quote embedded into the core weaving on the suit Superman wears. It was even translated into Superman's native language. "Where we had thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world."

Tamil Cinema Features Joseph Campbell’s Work
November 30, 2016

The Deccan Herald takes a look at the way Director K.S. Ravikumar featured "The Hero With a Thousand Faces" in his feature film "Lingaa." The film starring India's biggest actor, was a hit and has received great ratings on IMDB. The article below goes into depth on how the book itself was featured in a key scene, and how it relates to the movie. ARTICLE

1000 Faces in the movie Big Fish
August 20, 2016

Joseph Campbell's book, "The Hero With A Thousand Faces," appears in this film. It is shown first on a sleeping Edward Bloom (before being picked up and placed on the nightstand by Josephine) and then later still on the nightstand during a scene between Ed and Will. Daniel Wallace is an outspoken fan of Campbell's.

Wonder Woman’s Sword in Batman v Superman
May 27, 2016

Nerdy Fact #1522: Wonder Woman’s sword in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is inscribed a quote from Joseph Campbell's collection Goddesses: Mystery of the Feminine Divine: "Life is killing all the time and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal." Note: the title of Joseph Campbell's book in the image from Nerdy Facts should read Goddesses: Mystery of the Feminine Divine.

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