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Mister Rodgers Documentary Creator Cites His Personal Hero’s Journey
May 20, 2019

Benjamin Wagner created an independent documentary about Mister Rodgers and in a blog post for his site, Mister Rodgers and Me, discussed his process, giving heavy weight to the influence of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey®. “Mister Rodgers and Me” was a very successful independent documentary and even won an American Public Television Programming Excellence Award. The creator of the film, Benjamin, shared some of his personal experiences with Rodgers and cites that his exposure to...

The Heroine as the Modern Goddess
May 13, 2019

Princess Weekes recently published an article for The Mary Sue about a Feminist Film Event that centered around the development and growth of our female heroines and villains and how their presence impacts our personal, cultural mythology as described by Joseph Campbell. Weekes starts off the article by bringing up the point that comic books become our myths. She quotes an author, Laurence Maslon, who said that comics are, “‘our Greek myths. But the difference...

Heroines Today, a Mythical Discussion
October 3, 2018

Princess Weekes writes for The Mary Sue about the 2018 Feminist Mash Up, an event about the feminine in comics and super-hero movies. Weekes promotes the night of movie-watching and theory-discussing with enthusiasm, comparing it to the previous year event's great success. The Mash Up aims to focus on the hidden meaning behind female characters in super-hero stories, and the truths they may reveal about how society sees women. Have they outgrown they initial mythic...

Rituals and Influences
September 17, 2018

Josh Jones writes for Open Culture about Joseph Campbell and adult initiation rituals. Jones explains just how influential Campbell was in the creation of important pop culture elements, such as the world-wide phenomenon, the Star Wars saga. These stories became reference points to young boys and girls everywhere, who can base their own achievements and milestones on the Campbell-inspired character. The article also includes one of the many Joseph Campbell interviews that are features...

Profile: George Lucas
September 1, 2018

PBS SoCal published a profile on George Lucas, writer and director of the Star Wars Saga. Amongst his many influences is the mythologist Joseph Campbell. His work, including the books The Hero of a Thousand Faces and The Hero's Journey, inspired the structure of the film and various characters!

A Very Mythical New Hero
August 7, 2018

Tim Midura interviews comics and TV writer Joe Casey for the website The Outhousers. Midura asks Casey about his new story, MCMLXXV, a genre-blender set in New York City featuring Pamela Evans as the Hero. According to the writer, Pamela is a folk Hero, rather than a modern superhero, and the differences between the two are rather significant. Casey took inspiration from Joseph Campbell's books and teaching, as he has for his previous work, to...

Dan Harmon and Joseph Campbell
June 9, 2018

Dan Harmon is an American writer, show-runner, actor and voice-actor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is mostly known for his two highly successful shows, the NBC sitcom Community and the Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty. He is admired by many, gathering a large online following, due both to his talent and general personality. Harmon hosts Harmontown, a live podcast, and was the subject of the namesake documentary. What some people might not know is that...

Joseph Campbell and The Grateful Dead
April 18, 2018

[caption id="attachment_1264" align="alignleft" width="224"] Artist: Amanda Paul. To purchase click the image.[/caption] Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, both members of the band The Grateful Dead, were Campbell's fans first, and invited him for dinner. After that, it didn't take long for the mythologist to attend a concert and admire the band just as much. Read this article by Nicholas Meriwether for about more about Joseph Campbell's relationship with the band! Or read this...

Hero In A Box
November 26, 2017

When Joseph Campbell first envisioned the Hero's Journey, it was as the result of wide and deep research on myths from all over the globe. Every steps and archetypes were packed with meaning and thought. The Mono-myth became a guide, a checklist, a map. But over the years, repetition and proven successes may have caused writers to mistake the map for the territory, and get lost in formulaic stories. Read the full article to lean...

Chasing Happy
November 20, 2017

Founder of Happiness International, Kenneth Benjamin encourages you to find your bliss and gather the courage to follow it! Joseph Campbell never claimed to have the key to happiness, but he sure knew a way to pursue it. Campbell's mantra was to "Follow Your Bliss", and if you did so, “doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be” and where “ they wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”. Read this...

Myth Through Time
November 3, 2017

 PBS's most famous TV Series, The Power of Myth, was released in 1988, featuring Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers, in an instigating conversation about life and myths. Now, on PBS's website, Bill Moyers "Faith & Reason" article brings in memories of Campbell and explores how myths might have developed through the years. Do they still ring true to a society so drastically changed? What is the lifespan of a myth, and how can it adapt to...

Campbell’s Quotes
November 3, 2017

A variety of Joseph Campbell quotes - from books college lectures and television - has been gathered by Goodreads. Whether they are used as mantras, life lessons or bumper stickers, we hope you will enjoy this collection of his quotes!

Living With The Sun
October 27, 2017

In this East Hampton Star article, Mary Ellen Hannibal talks about the Hero Journey as conquering our enemies and finding our elixirs. She points out that Planet Earth might not be big enough for 7 billion Journeys, each slowly taking and taking, never to give. The hope, of course, is for more heroes to reach that stage in the journey when the individual sacrifices and commits to the larger priorities of his or her cosmos....

The Hero Is Within You
September 20, 2017

In his article for The Odyssey, college-student Dan Bennington recounts how Campbell helped him follow his bliss through troublesome times. It's no secret that life can be hard. When all hope is gone, when the light has been turned off, where can you turn to? Joseph Campbell seemed to have the answer when he said "All the gods, all the Heavens, all the Hells are within you." in his book The Power of Myth. Read...

Finding The Hero Within Us
June 17, 2017

This blog entry at The Good Man Project shares Tom Kelley's opinion on Heroes and their role in popular culture. Joseph Campbell, in his massive work with Mythology and literature, discovered a pattern followed by most, if not all, myths. Another pattern was found within the Hero themselves, a list of characteristics that the main character of the Journey would possess. But when Campbell's work is pulled into today's pop culture, the word Hero may have...

Supergirl’s Journey
June 17, 2017

Online blog PASTE offers a review on CBS's Supergirl Season 2 finale, which shocked fans everywhere. But a closer look at the show's structure would not shock a Joseph Campbell student, since season finales mean the completion of some crucial step in our hero’s journey. Following the steps to the Hero's Journey, the TV show takes the viewers on exciting adventures and tragic losses, as the hero gains allies and enemies. This blog post explores the possibilities for...

Bran Stark, Hero or Seer?
June 10, 2017

In the fan-blog Winter Is Coming, Richard E Preston talks about the publicly acclaimed HBO series Game Of Thrones. According to him, many characters take on more than one role in The Hero's Journey, described by mythologist Joseph Campbell. In such a complex narrative, the interwoven storylines and backstories make it an interesting show to dissect and analyze. Brandon Stark certainly is an intriguing character, and his supernatural abilities might make him more of...

Ser Davos, the Sage
June 10, 2017

The fan-based blog Winter Is Coming offers a review by Richard E Preston on the character of Ser Davos from the HBO sensation Game Of Thrones. While studying the structure of Myth and the steps a Hero must take when on a Journey, Joseph Campbell also described the many archetypal characters that populate the mythical narratives. Those figures now live in the films and shows we watch in today's world. In this in-depth analysis of Ser Davos, Preston...

Samwell Tarly, a Hero of Knowledge
June 10, 2017

Richard E Preston writes for the fan-based blog Winter Is Coming, offering a detailed analysis of Samwell Tarly, character from the HBO show Game Of Thrones.   Sam might not be the most common type of hero, but following the steps laid out by Campbell and writer Christopher Vogler, it may be impossible to deny this character's heroic features. Read the full article to know more! *Contains Spoilers Of The Show!*

Wanderlust: Adventure Calling
June 10, 2017

The Island Now published a lovely article by Dr. Tom Ferraro on importance of traveling, and all the adventures that may arise from taking that initial step. A letter in the mail. A friendly invitation. Maybe an official summoning from Hermes himself. There are many ways in which a Hero can be called to adventure, and according to Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, there are many ways in which they can deny that invitation. Knowing how...

Stallone: “A Myth for Each Generation”
May 1, 2017

According to Sylvester Stallone, each generation must discover itself through storytelling. Campbell was a large influence not only in this idea, but also in his reasoning for joining Guardians of the Galaxy 2. “Early on in my career I became fascinated with mythology. Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces, and so on and so forth. When I started doing Rambo, [I came to understand] there’s an evolution that takes place. Every generation has...

Creating the Star Wars Mythos
April 30, 2017

In this piece, Indie Film Hustle elaborates more on the influence Campbell played in the creation of the Star Wars mythos. If not for Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, the world would likely have missed out not only on the original Star Wars films created by Lucas, but even on the newer films such as Disney's Rogue One. The point here is that an entire saga of storytelling - which sits at the heart of...

The Hero’s Journey of Career
April 30, 2017

CNN recently published an article on how we often find ourselves feeling stagnate in our careers, ready for something new to happen. Whether it's the increased desire for a promotion, or the calling to find a new line of work, the point of boredom is likely familiar to all of us. When viewed through the lens of the Hero's Journey, this feeling is what Campbell would call the ordinary world. And by following through...

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