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Being A Hero
February 21, 2017

In this wonderful read, Canadian Olympic athlete Clara Hughes explains why The Hero With A Thousand Faces was the book to help her through lonely years and personal struggle. CBC Books's article shows that Mythology can bring comfort and understanding to people from various backgrounds. Read more about Clara Hughes story.

Following Your Bliss
February 21, 2017

In this The Huffington Post article, award-winning author Dennis Jones shares his story on how Joseph Campbell’s message about “following Your Bliss” opened doors and transformed his life. This uplifting article encourages everyone to find their true calling and personal path to happiness. Read the full article to know more.

Campbell’s Everyday Religion
February 21, 2017

                                                                                                                                          In this The Huffington Post article, author...

Woody Harrelson’s Thousand Faces
December 31, 2016

Mike Sager interviews Woody Harrelson for the Esquire, and the actor references Joseph Campbell when talking about his life balance. "He's like, you reach this point — and I'm paraphrasing badly — but you get to this point where you realize your modes of doing things no longer fit for you." - Woody Harrelson Harrelson is open and honest about his downfalls and recoveries, detailing his journey in full honesty.

Campbell’s Influence on Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes)
November 30, 2016

Brendan Hornbostel writes for the LA Times about The Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr. and the influence Joseph Campbell had in his solo project. According to Hammond, if it wasn't for Campbell and Jung, we may have never seen this "side" of his personality.  

Forbes Breaks Down the Hero’s Journey
November 30, 2016

Todd Wilms writes for Forbes and breaks down the 17 stages of the Hero's Journey and how it relates to Fantasy and Fairytales in relation to our current generation. Wilms establishes a connection between the current rise of Social Media with the similar rise of appreciation for certain kinds of stories. The key to why is in Joseph Campbell's teachings.

Dan Brown’s Work Inspired by Joseph Campbell
November 30, 2016

The New York times published an interview with renown author Dan Brown. When asked if he could meet any author in his lifetime, his answer was "Joseph Campbell". Though many might share Brown's wish, this author has an unique reasoning behind his decision.

Amazing Joseph Campbell Inscription
November 30, 2016

                  In an incredible Book Fountain in Bücherbrunnen, Germany, a Joseph Campbell quote is inscribed in German. On this page are some images of the quote and a translation. You need a place, a certain hour or time every day when you don't know what's written in the newspaper that morning, When you don't know who your friends are, When you don't know what you owe...

Joseph Campbell and 21st Century Spirituality
November 30, 2016

 Derek Beres writes for Big Think on Joseph Campbell and how his work has influenced 21st Century Spirituality and culture as a whole. This article touches on various points of view of Campbell's work, from praises to skepticism, which provides an impartial and honest review. But Beres end the article with a quote from Campbell himself, leaving the reader with a clearer understanding of  the mythologist's work. 

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