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NewsBlast | Wassail! Our Thanks for Great Kindness and a Jolly Wassail!

BY December 28, 2017

With our wassail! Wassail! Wassail
Wassail and joy come to our jolly wassail…

Part gift, part celebration, part propitiation, part demand, the wassail bowl and its traditions capture the complexity of the season remarkably well…and perhaps was the precursor to all of the hands-out asks from the nonprofits who serve the world these days at this time of the year.

So we celebrate with you, in honor of Rowen, who offered the Wassail bowl to to Vortigern, King of England and found herself affianced; and of the servants in the hall or in town who sang to lords and neighbors generous at least one day, and to the revelers who gathered around apple trees to sing, howl, and occasionally whack them into generosity.

In this tradition, we say in our finest Saxon, was hael! Be well!

And if you’re so inclined, we invite you to join us in celebrating the work of the Joseph Campbell Foundation as we bring the next generation of Campbell’s work to life in 2018.

As a small thank you wassail offering for all of your support, we’re offering a free eBook download of one the world’s greatest collection of folk myths and fairy tales, The Thousand and One Nights, translated by John Payne and edited by Campbell. Find out how you can download it when you make your donation.
Thank you! May 2018 be your best year yet.

Now for the great kindness that we did receive
We return you our thanks, and we now take our leave
From this present evening we bid you adieu
Until the next year and same season ensue

Please click here to learn how you can donate to the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

Yours in gratitude,

The Global Community of Volunteers
The Working Associates
and The Board of Directors
of The Joseph Campbell Foundation

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NewsBlast | Wassail! Our Thanks for Great Kindness and a Jolly Wassail!

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