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NewsBlast | The Mythic Dimension now in paperback

BY March 30, 2017

We are excited to announce that New World Library has released The Mythic Dimensionthe collection of Joseph Campbell’s essays, as a paperback in the Collected Works of Joseph Campbell series.

The essays collected in The Mythic Dimension fall naturally into two categories: “Mythology and History,” and “Mythology and the Arts,” and they investigate how mythology works in both the life of each individual, as well as the societies we live in. Originally published in small-circulation magazines and journals, these essays cover diverse terrain ranging from psychology to the occult, from Thomas Mann to the Grateful Dead, and from Goddess spirituality to Freud and Jung.

In this time where it feels as if it’s either “us” or “them,” Campbell’s work reminds us that in the end, we are all part of the universal consciousness. From the book: “In one of the Upanishads it says, when the glow of a sunset holds you and you say ‘Aha,’ that is the recognition of the divinity. And when you say ‘Aha’ to an art object, that is a recognition of divinity. And what divinity is it? It is your divinity, which is the only divinity there is. We are all phenomenal manifestations of a divine will to live, and that will and the consciousness of life is one in all of us, and that is what artwork expresses.”

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NewsBlast | The Mythic Dimension now in paperback

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