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Conversations of a Higher Order, officially retired

BY August 6, 2016


The Joseph Campbell Foundation Conversations of a Higher Order (COHO) are being officially retired after over fifteen years of service. The discussion forums have collected over 90,000 posts from 30,000+ JCF Associates in that time. As we build out our new website, we have had many discussions about what to do with COHO. Migrate the forums? Prune the content? Curate the discussions?

In the decade and a half that the forums have operated, the way people use the internet has changed. Online conversations are steadily moving onto social media platforms and the need to create accounts on specific websites has decreased as technologies like oAuth have become more popular and available.

So, in the end, we have decided to retire the forums and make the discussions available as an archived resource. They are open to site visitors in all their glory: charming, erudite, chaotic, funny, earnest, honest, spiritual, curious, heated… pretty much reflecting the 1000 faces of the many, many people who have contributed their questions, answers, challenges, thoughts, and wisdom over the years.

To all the JCF Associates who grew the Conversations of a Higher Order and gave them life, we thank you.

Visit the COHO archives

Update: We have enabled COHO login for Associates who wish to access private messages.

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Conversations of a Higher Order, officially retired

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