by Monica Martinez

This month’s MythBlast Series highlighted text is Joseph Campbell’s Myths To Live By. I leafed through my copy in Portuguese and nothing struck me. I like to think about things that make me curious to know more, and apparently there were no triggers there. Therefore, I decided to dive into the English edition, which is richly illustrated. And right away an image from Chapter II, The Emergence of Mankind, took my breath away. There it was, emerging from limestone, a Venus that I had not yet been introduced to: the Venus of Laussel. My mind was filled with images of…

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Dreams, Images of the Feminine, and the Venus of Laussel: What Paleolithic Venuses Tells Us Today

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Our gift to you this month is eSingle titled Earthrise from Thou Art That (Esingle). Access this download for free until the end of the month.

This extract from Thou Art That, the first title in the publishing partnership between Joseph Campbell Foundation and New World Library, remains one of the most inspiring, delightful pieces we have published together. “Earthrise” serves as an epilogue to the main text, a fascinating exploration and summing up of themes. It was originally published in The New York Times Magazine. The 1979 dialogue between Campbell and Kennedy (himself a distinguished theologian) sparkles with the same insight and wit as the book that Kennedy would edit together in 2001 from Campbell’s unpublished writings, lecture notes, and transcripts on the subject of transforming religious metaphor in the Abrahamic religions.